Watermark Irrigation is a company that specializes in designing and installing professional irrigation
systems for commercial and residential customers.

Although a relatively new company (started in 2016) Watermark was set up to run in conjunction
with our existing company Riverside Horticulture www.riversidehorticulture.co.nz, Riverside has
been growing plants in our large commercial nursery for over 25 years and has extensive complex
irrigation systems throughout the nursery facilities, it only made sense to take this wealth of
knowledge to set up a new company where we could supply a further great service to our customer


Watermark has partnered with key suppliers around NZ and beyond and become a leader in
researching and promoting new watering technology, our plant nursery provides the ideal testing
ground for new watering systems, we are personally interested in new technology and like to prove
it’s genuine worth onsite before taking it to the market.


Whether you are looking for a watering system for your vege garden, lawns or are needing irrigation
installed on a large commercial or subdivision project Watermark will work with you to provide a
professional solution to suit your requirements, ranging from simple manual systems to wifi
controlled systems you can operate from your smartphone.

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We love creating amazing watering systems and seeing our customer enjoy green lawns and lush
gardens, please be in touch to discuss your requirements.