The Wifi smart controller works in conjunction with your local weather station to provide optimum watering and watering conservation benefits.

The controller gives you the ability to control your irrigation system from your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world. Set schedules, increase watering times, turn off the system or start a manual run all from your smartphone. The controller pairs with your local weather station and can be set for example to skip watering events if your area gets a certain amount of rain. It also has cycle and soak capabilities, wind and frost settings and more, all controlled in a simple user friendly app.

The controllers are very simple to install, they need to be located indoors within range of a good Wifi signal and within 1m of a 3 pin plug. A cable runs from the controller to the electric valves in the valve box. If you have an existing indoor controller it is a simple process to replace and re-wire the Wifi controller unit.

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