Filtered and purified water is becoming widely accepted as a basic requirement particularly for human consumption and wider uses throughout industries.


Touch base with Watermark Products to discuss your water filtration requirements, we service the Christchurch and North Canterbury areas and work with leading suppliers of filtration technology and registered plumbers to create a complete and professional solution.

If you feel you need to go beyond general filtration, removing chlorine, softening and improving the taste and odour of your water, Watermark can arrange a water sample to be analysed and a suitable filtration kit to be assembled for your specific needs.


By installing the right filter system for your water you can remove chemicals like Chlorine and other contaminants like heavy metals and bacteria to greatly increase the taste and odour of your water. Other residential benefits include reduced scale build up in appliances and ‘softer’ water which makes it easier to create a soapy lather when washing and bathing.

Other systems we supply include systems for purifying water to drinking standard from rain water harvesting systems.

In the rural scene Watermark can assist with turning poor quality water into suitable drinking water for livestock. Increasing the quality of drinking water for livestock has proven benefits directly related to increased profits such as, higher animal consumption of water, healthier herds, better yields and higher quality milk. Click on the links below for more information

Watermark can arrange to have a sample of your water tested to identify potential pH issues, high iron and manganese levels and high levels of other contaminants and bacteria’s. Once the sample is tested we can identify the type of filter system you need to bring your water up to level and work with you to get this in place.


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